The Story of ~ Coniogramme Intenz®

I stand out because of my striped, hanging leaves. Which you don’t see a lot in this way. My nickname is ‘Striped Bamboo’, but they also call me the ‘Golden Zebra’. The reason my leaves stand out is because of my beautiful green with yellow-green stripes which look a lot like the pattern seen in the fur of the common zebra.

Next to that, my leaf has a rather deviating leaf shape and I make a long rhizome from which those upright, linear leaves rise. All this makes me stand out even more.

Coniogramme is a small family of approximately 45 species of fern. I am hardly cultivated in the Netherlands, so I’m still very exclusive. The spores are formed underneath the leaf and are in parallel lines, which run between the middle nerves and the leaf edges. At Coniogramme Intenz® you can see this very clearly at the top of a leaf.


Species from the family of Coniogramme are native in the tropical parts of Africa, Eastern Asia (India, China, Java, Japan). I was even recently found on Mount Emei in China. Which means I could easily survive a winter out in the open in the Netherlands, because the temperature can drop to -10°C on this mountain. So when I lose my decorative value, a second life in the garden is possible. I prefer a place in the (partial) shade and a slightly acidic, nutritious soil.

My hangout

I like a moderately sunny spot, which means: no direct sunlight but on a spot somewhat further from the window. I will really enjoy it there. In nature I thrive on places with a lot of shadow and with a comfortable temperature between the range of 18 and 25 °C. Did you know that you can even place me on spots where the humidity because of central heating is very low?

Best conditions

If the soil is constantly moist I will thrive, don’t every let me run dry completely. The amount of water I need is very dependent on other climate factors like humidity, temperature and the amount of light. By watering me regularly you can keep the roots well moist. Too much watering can give rise to root rot, for which you have to be cautious. A good preventive measure is a layer of hydro granules at the bottom of the pot. I prefer a nutritious soil, every month I long for some plant food. If I get too big for my pot, you can place me in a bigger pot with some fresh potting soil. Provide me with a new layer of soil at least every two years.

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