The Story of ~ Monstera Obliqua

My fresh green leaves have a lot of big holes, which occur naturally and are not caused by insects or diseases.

When I grow up I make vines with leaves.

You can direct the grow downwards, but you can also tie me up and direct the grow upwards.

Sometimes I grow a pure white flower, which will spread the sweet smell of a pineapple.


I am a member of the Arum family also known as Araceae. You will find me mainly in tropical rain forests, here I crawl across the ground looking for trees. When I have found one I will climb upwards to the sunlight. I an mainly spotted in the rain forests of Central – and South America. My Dutch name is ‘hole plant’ which is a logical name, if you take a look at my leaf.

My hangout

In the rainforests I mainly crawl over the ground where it is shady, because when I get too much sunlight my leaves will turn yellow. I do not like direct sunlight, but I do like a light place. The temperature that I find the most comfortable is between 17 and 26 ◦C. The more humid and warmer the air is, the larger my leaves will become. I like it when my leaves are refreshed occasionally with a plant spray, preferably with lukewarm water, this will ensure that my leaves shine beautifully and it can keep insects away.

Best conditions

I do not like dry soil, but try to prevent my roots from getting wet for too long. The exact amount of water depends on various factors such as how big I am, and on which location I am standing. Give regularly small amounts of water, in the summer once a week is sufficient enough, in the winter it is sufficient enough once every two weeks. The amount of water depends on the size of the plant and the humidity of the environment where I am located. The best is that my soil is dark brown in colour, then you know it is not too dry. If the soil is black, the earth is too wet. I require a bit of plant food every month.

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