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The Hague organized the Finish of the Volvo Ocean Race in 2018. The longest and heaviest sailing race in the world started in October 2017 in Alicante. The race ends after eight months, on Sunday June the 24th in the port of Scheveningen. The boats have literally travelled around the world. In the week of the finish, a fantastic party is organized in harbour of Scheveningen for sailors, the public and the business world which is visited by around 400.000 people.

But what do air-purifying plants have to do with the Volvo Ocean Race?

The Museon in The Hague asked us if we would like to show the Clusia rosea Princess during the Volvo Ocean race festival in the Innovation Pavillion and to talk about the air purifying effect! In the Innovation Pavilion, leading start-ups and SME companies are given the opportunity to present their newest innovations. The Innovation Pavilion will be attended by all participants during these business networking events. A special opportunity!

The Museon is the scientific museum of The Hague and has been given the chance to be represented throughout the week under the banner of this Innovation LAB. VDE plant is allowed, together with the Museon, Dutch VR (the City of the Future), Grow Wizzkid (Urban Farming), Plant Total (which the Clusia has incorporated into a green wall), SIGN / Grow up Concepts with the Greenest Tower and UNICEF to tell our shared message: sustainable innovation is important!

Sustainable Development Goals: Global goals for sustainable development


The goals that we are working on as a company are:

  • Goal 3 / Good health and well-being => Plants purify the air which improves your environment and makes you feel fitter and more energetic. We achieve this goal in homes, schools and offices.
  • Goal 4 / Good education => We are completely transparent about how our plants are grown and give the consumer information about what the plants do for you and how to take care of them.
  • Goal 9 / Innovation => We do not only innovate in our greenhouses and growing conditions, but also with new applications of plants to surprise people and show them the beauty of plants.

What can you expect at the Innovation Pavilion?

A few examples from participants in the Innovation Pavilion: Elemental Water Makers uses solar energy to make drinking water from seawater and Precious Plastic in The Hague makes new products from recycled plastic waste.

The ‘Dakdokters’ (Roof Doctors) demonstrate that with green roofs you can contribute to a healthy and beautiful city. In the Buginn Bijenhotel (Bee Hotel) you can see how bees and other insects hibernate, and ensure that biodiversity is maintained.

Did you know that the general CO2 emissions from cows can be reduced by using protein-rich seaweed as cattle feed? TNO shows you how underwater Wi-Fi robots can work together in the deep-sea. Learn with a scale-model of the ‘Noordzeeboerderij’ (North Sea farm) how to grow seaweed far from the coastline.

The Volvo Ocean Race festival took place from June 24th till July 1st

Seven international teams are participating in the Volvo Ocean Race, two of which are sailing under the Dutch flag. The municipality of The Hague has had many major sporting events within the municipal boundaries in recent years, but the Volvo Ocean Race is truly the biggest event ever.

We have been able to tell many people about the air purifying qualities of the Clusia rosea ‘Princess’. From company doctor to start-up with new ideas, from companies to private individuals. We would like to thank ‘Museon’ and all partners in the Innovation LAB for the good cooperation!

The media team of the Volvo Ocean race makes a ‘Finish Flash’ every day, in the video below the Innovation Pavillion comes into the picture. Innovation is created through close collaboration between government, industry and knowledge institutions. Cooperation is growth, and that can be seen in the Innovation LAB.


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