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Mama Botanica, a plant blogger with a mission: Inspiring the internet generation with Super Green Thumbs!

This is Iris. She started Mama Botanica as a plant shelter, where she was a foster mother for homeless plants. Iris shares her knowledge about plant care on her Instagram and facebook account. Mama Botanica on Instagram is now part of the international plant community. On her online channels, Iris tries to inspire the internet generation to develop green thumbs. You do not have to be stressed by a dying plant; all you need is some knowledge about how to deal with your green housemates. Iris grew up in an ‘urban jungle’, before this concept was well-known, and has built up a huge plant collection of her own. She also works in the most beautiful plant store in Amsterdam and is therefore busy with plants every day.

Plant information

During her quests on the internet, Iris noticed that it is difficult to find good information about plant care; the best plant care tips are hidden in vintage books. That is why Mama Botanicas focus is on sharing knowledge through social media and next to that she gives workshops about plant care. Iris wants to bring people closer to nature. With plants around you you become aware of the world in which we live; the way you experience your living environment changes which reduce stress levels and makes you more focused.



She registers the growth process of her plants on social media: Every day Iris posts a photo on Instagram and every week she makes a video for YouTube, Facebook and her personal blog. By sharing content that is usefull Iris tries to involve everyone: from care tips, tutorials about making cuttings and inspiration to put plants together (or to hang them) for mindfulness moments. In this way she hopes to inspire people to surround themselves with plants. Through blogs on the Mama Botanica site, Iris wants to infect everyone with the plant virus and give you Super Green Thumbs! You can ask her anything about plants both online and offline.

Clusia rosea ‘Princess’

Iris wants to learn where new species and cultivars come from and the growers help to grow special plants with the right environment in mind. This is the way our cooperation came about and Iris has made a super fun and informative video about the Clusia rosea ‘Princess’!


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