Making cities greener

Let it Grow was initiated by Royal FloraHolland for the purpose of promoting innovation in the use of flowers and plants. We visited Silke and Madelon, but not in the auction building itself. Instead, we met them in Springhouse, a cradle of innovation entrepreneurship located right in the middle of Amsterdam.

Let it Grow wants to show consumers the intrinsic value of flowers and plants. To do this, they promote the meaning of this among consumers. Let it Grow facilitates businesses in developing creative new ideas using flowers and plants that will also promote the interests of horticulture. One of these is Sprinklr. This start-up wants to restore the connection between city dwellers and the wonders of nature, so it is promoting the use of more plants in the city because this makes urban environments more beautiful and adds to their quality of life. What’s more, people who are surrounded by plants are healthier and happier.

Suzanne van Straaten, who started Sprinklr, was eager to talk about this initiative. ‘All of us live in Amsterdam or Utrecht and want to use this concept to bring city dwellers into more contact with plants. I noticed that I often brought the wrong kind of plants home and didn’t know how to care for them properly. They would simply die within a few months. What a waste! I also heard the same story from other people. I thought, “Why not make it easier for people to have success with plants?”‘ The collaboration with Let it Grow came about when Silke and Suzanne encountered each other; Sprinklr became a pilot project for Let it Grow in order to discover what these kinds of projects needed to succeed. At the same time, Sprinklr got help from Let it Grow when it came to locating the right growers and network in the amenity horticulture sector. Today, Sprinklr’s team is working on a green revolution in the city.

For every season, Sprinklr supplies sustainably produced plants and a planter for use in homes or offices so that city dwellers can see how easy and nice it is to add plants to their own environment. It’s all done with the convenience of consumers in mind: the box is delivered (in electric cars!) to their homes in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam.

The Sprinklr app even provides care tips and interesting facts about the plants. A great solution for people not blessed with green fingers! The app gives you all the information you need about your plants right from the start and then sends you reminders letting you know when they need a little extra love and care. If you have specific questions, you can use the app to contact Sprinklr’s experts and the growers for answers. If you have a problem with a plant, you can even app a picture of it to get personal advice. This way, you learn more and more about your plants and about gardening, and Sprinklr gives everyone the confidence that they can actually be successful in having plants in their home and garden. Even LINDAnieuws.nl has discovered Sprinklr: ‘With the Sprinklr app, you don’t have to call your mother anymore to ask how to take care of your plants’, they wrote.

The summer box that was recently distributed contains our musa: a real must-have if you want to hang on to that holiday feeling even longer! We wish you a green summer!

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