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Iris is a plant blogger with a mission: By writing blogs on the Mama Botanica site, Iris wants to infect everyone with the plant virus and give you Super Green Fingers! You can ask her anything online & offline. She also gives regulary worshops at the green Stadstuinwinkel; Wildernis Amsterdam, where she shares her knowledge with people who are enthusiastic about making their living environment greener. So, she really works with her passion every day!

Plants information

Iris shares her knowledge about plant care on her Instagram account. Mama Botanica is now part of the international plant community on Instagram. On her online channels Iris tries to inspire the internet generation to develop green thumbs. You don’t have to get stressed by a dying plant; all you need is some knowledge of how to deal with your green roommates.

Plant in the Spotlight on YouTube

Iris has built up an enormous plant collection and regularly puts plants in the spotlight on her YouTube channel, Mama Botanica. This time in the spotlight: the Asplenium ‘Crispy Wave’, one of the ferns that purifies the air very well. Ferns are fine plants because they thrive in dark corners. But they are not always easy to care for. Luckily there is this beautiful fern: The Asplenium ‘Crispy Wave’, which is much stronger than other ferns and easier to care of.

It is a good plant for the bedroom, which will stand out with its crisp foliage. The Crispy Wave will grow very well in a place with indirect light and it is a pleasure to see this plant in the morning when you wake up. Iris is often told that ferns are so difficult to keep happy, so Iris has a tip for anyone who struggles with that; give this new fern a try! These ferns feel strong and durable, distinctly different from the fragile ferns.

It gives Iris peace and satisfaction to surround herself with plants and to be busy with them, to escape from the hustle and bustle. In this way she creates an atmosphere at home where she can relax. Plants lower your stress level, it creates atmosphere, you can concentrate better, and you become more creative. For example, to make nice blogs and videos, says Iris.

Check out the latest YouTube video from Mama Botanica about the care of this strong fern!

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