Plants versus Interior

We have a good news! This year we established a partnership with a brand new furniture brand called Mattz! So why a collaboration with a branch unrelated company? Because we want to show to interior enthusiasts what you can do with plants! Our company develops many new concepts that we want to test and which we like to discuss about with our consumers. Plants are so much more than just a nice addition to your interior. Plants bring life and make people happy and healthy.

INTENZ® Concept Store

Within our company we have worked hard on our INTENZ® Concept Store, where you can view and buy, next to our new plant concepts, the furniture and accessories from Mattz! We want to share our passion for interior design and have been open every Saturday since past March. We have had many positive feedback and conversations with customers.

From September 1st we are open every Saturday from 10:00h to 12:30h

In our INTENZ® Concept Store we present the latest developments in the field of our plants. Consumers can reach out to us with questions, because even if you do not have green thumbs, plants are an addition to your interior. We notice that the connection with nature is stronger than ever and we want to share this with the consumer who buys our plants.


About Mattz!

As a world traveler, Mattz travels to all parts of the world, but has pledged his heart to Asia. The people, the climate and the diversity of tastes from the Asian cuisine. But the furniture and decoration also breathe a rich history of both colonial times and provincial styles. Take an example of the also the breath-taking nature of this continent and you understand why we wanted to join this unique cooperation!

Mattz travels to India a number of times a year, visiting various workshops and looking for furniture that adds value to the brand Mattz. The beauty of Indian antiques is the mix of Asia with English colonial influences. The beautiful furniture is finished by hand, in the old-fashioned way with hand tools and a sharp eye for detail! Every item is of guaranteed quality and unique, this because only one copy is made of every product.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail

Besides passion for interior, we have more similarities! That is craftsmanship and attention to detail. Within our nursery we work every day on the cultivation and processing of our air-purifying plants. Consumers are increasingly interested in pure, clean air and the role that different indoor plants can fulfil in this. We can make a substantial contribution to this with our plants. We do this by informing you what plants can do for you. The quality of indoor air, such as in the living room, office and classroom is of great importance for our health, fitness and mental well-being.

New collector’s items from both Intenz Home and Mattz are added regularly in our INTENZ® Concept Store from our travels, because there are still a lot of beautiful areas where many plants and furniture are still undiscovered! Plants and furniture with a history and a story, a nice connection with a green lifestyle. Because a house is only a home when you can really feel at ease.


Are you curious? Then come to our INTENZ® Concept Store and experience the atmosphere. Feel the carvings in the wood with your hands, be amazed by the way a plant grows, the opening of a door from a robust closet, the beautiful glasswork that we add to the plants, the smell of the furniture … just imagine yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of Asia.

We hope to see you soon in our INTENZ® Concept Store!

Oudendijkseweg 5, Woubrugge