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With a passion for plants you sometimes try out different things, just because it is fun! We have been growing this Philodendron Atom for a number of years, but what hardly anyone sees is that this plant has beautiful white roots and I wanted to do something with that! I rinsed the soil off a plant, so that the white roots were clearly visible. Then put the plant in a large glass vase, add some pebbles and finally some water in the vase.


We posted a picture on Facebook: What do you think of this Philodendron Mangrove Atom? The reactions were really overwhelming! We were regularly asked where you could buy this and whether VDE plant also makes this. Rob Verlinde also placed this Mangrove Atom a number of times in his program de Grote Tuinverbouwing, which gave even more publicity to this new phenomenon.

Given the enthusiastic reactions and because we did not deliver it at the time, we made a DIY (do it yourself) for Facebook, so that the consumer could copy it at home. The online ordering platform Bakker has also put this DIY package on their platform. We got a lot of nice photos from consumers who had made one themselves, super nice !!

Because there were also questions from the trade for this plant, we decided to make a Limited Edition of this Mangrove Atom. That was also successful, so we started testing with many more types of plants, including the Clusia Princess. Really nice to develop new items and to get such nice reactions!


September 11, 2015

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