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    70 years of VDE plant

    Yes, you read that right! VDE plant is 70 years old this year! To celebrate this achievement, we have published a magazine in which we look back at the history of our company, but above all we look forward to the future! First of all, a word of thanks...

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    Mama Botanica – Alocasia Stingray

    Tijdens haar zoektochten op internet viel het Iris op dat het lastig is om goede informatie te vinden; de beste planten verzorgingstips staan verscholen in vintage boeken. Daarom begon ze Mama Botanica, een plantenblog met een missie: De internet generatie inspireren met Super Groene Vingers! De focus van Mama...

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    Air purifying plants

    Mama Botanica, a plant blogger with a mission: Inspiring the internet generation with Super Green Thumbs! This is Iris. She started Mama Botanica as a plant shelter, where she was a foster mother for homeless plants. Iris shares her knowledge about plant care on her Instagram and facebook account....

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    For over 20 years, our terracotta plant pots have been made from almost 100% recycled plastic (polypropylene) raw materials. This is something we know for a long time, but we do not actually communicate about it because it is so self-evident to us. We say “almost 100%” because 1...

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